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Stephanie Gandy, DVM

Dr. Gandy graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. Her love of cats motivated her to concentrate exclusively on feline medicine and surgery. She has worked with cats exclusively in North Carolina, Colorado, California, Texas, and Alabama. Dr. Gandy founded and still owns Catisfaction and The Alabama Center for Advanced Feline Thyroid Solutions in Madison, AL. She was the first veterinarian to open a privately owned radioactive iodine treatment center for cats in the state of Alabama and has cured many cats of Hyperthyroidism since 2011. Dr. Gandy has special interests in dentistry, internal medicine, and soft tissue surgery. She was a contributing author to one of the leading feline veterinary textbooks. 

Dr. Gandy enjoys sailing, decorating, wine, pilates, Cowboys football, and Rangers baseball! She has 5 cats, two golden doodles, a son, and a fairly patient husband. 

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