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Preventive Examinations

Here at Lonestar Feline, we plan to stay on top of your cat's health. We schedule examinations, laboratory testing, and other diagnostics based on your cat's age group and risk assessment. 

Birth to 6 months

Our primary focus during this
life stage is to create a foundation
of good behavior, nutrition, 
husbandry and grooming practices. Let us help you and your kitten get started on the right path to a healthy and rewarding relationship. We will focus on topics such as spaying/neutering, environment, vaccinations, dental health, claw management, microchipping, preventing litter box issues, and much more. 

Your cat's curiosity and personality are in full effect! During this time of your cat's life, it's important to keep them safe and entertained. We will continue to discuss and evaluate your cat's environment to help prevent excessive weight gain and unwanted behavioral issues. 

7 months to 2 years

3 years to 6 years

7 years to 10 years

This is the time of your cat's 
life that oral hygiene becomes 
very important and routine comprehensive oral health assessments (professional teeth cleaning) need to be scheduled. Some other common conditions that can occur during this stage of your cat's life include urinary issues, behavioral issues, and even some heart conditions. Our team will teach you how to recognize subtle signs of illness that can be life saving.

We predominately see diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancers. Monitoring your cat's routine from litter box habits, thirst, appetite, etc will be very helpful in addition to your continued relationship with our team by this time in your cat's life we will have built a relationship with you and know what's normal for your cat and what represents a change we should be concerned with.


11 years -14 years Senior and 15+ Geriatric

During your cat's senior and geriatric years it's important that you have a veterinarian that you can trust to help manage your cat's health and potentially more complex medical issues. Our veterinarian has the experience, compassion and knowledge so that you can be assured you are providing your cat with the best possible care. 

Senior & Geriatric
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